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“Nothing is 100% safe!” - Andrey Konstantinov, a cybersecurity expert from, rightly noted in an interview with the portal. "If no holes are found in a particular program today, this does not mean that they will not be found tomorrow."

It is especially important to pay attention to the issue of IT infrastructure security right now, when restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have forced office workers to work from home. The expert divides risks into two parts - those related to the technical support of remote work and the human factor. The greatest risk is when workers work from their home computers, which are likely to be out of date and from which non-work resources are visited. Obviously, such conditions open up more opportunities for attackers.

In this regard, the effective operation of the Security Operations Center (SOC) is important, the creation of which is offered on an outsourced basis by OptiCom.

As part of the SOC service, certified information security specialists monitor the state of your company's IT infrastructure for potential hacks and other threats. For this, OptiCom has a complete set of modern technologies for detecting and preventing incidents, such as SIEM systems for event analysis, tools for managing and automating security events, and vulnerability detection technologies.

OptiCom specialists will provide continuous monitoring, analysis, investigation, identification and reporting of events in your organization's network, recognize and promptly report potentially dangerous cyber incidents. Modern SOC tools also provide effective control of IT systems.

Practice shows that it is easier and cheaper for any organization, even a relatively small organization, to entrust SOC tasks to professionals. Trust the protection of your IT infrastructure to OptiCom and you will be confident in prompt notification of potential cyber threats, rapid detection, reliable deterrence and effective prevention of attacks.

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