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Enterprises are facing problems if the infrastructure powers applications. This makes digitalization difficult to manage. Complex hybrid environments often include issues that could lead to lost   revenue or damaged customer relationships!    

Previously we focused on the AI-driven data center in general and gave a few tips what the enterprises could and should do now. As said before Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has the most advanced solutions for the AI-driven autonomous data center, including the vendor independent automation layer, the centralized infrastructure management and the machine learning layer.

This time we are going a little deeper into the technologies of the autonomous data center by taking a closer look how HPE Nimble Storage is functioning together with the HPE InfoSight predictive analytics platform. The platform collects data from sensors across all deployed devices and even their surrounding infrastructure, including storage, computing, networking and converged systems. Big data is needed and HPE really has it.   

The predictive analytics platform analyses and correlates the data. The self-managing, self-optimizing and self-healing storage system is constantly monitoring for potential indicators of problems and proactively resolves issues. AI and machine learning capabilities learn to detect and predict technology risks as well as performance problems. Level 1 and 2 issues are resolved before customers even realize there was a problem. AI blocks interruptions and machine learning enhances by getting data why applications work slowly.

Too good to be true?

The benefits are significant for enterprises that have hundreds of applications driving true business value. Uptime and reliable performance are critical measures of success. The AI-driven data center advices IT professionals to increase storage capacity exactly when needed. Storage expertise is no longer needed. The storage’s operational reliability and the usability of applications can be improved. The solutions can be updated automatically and be utilized according to best practices.

Huge improvements can be achieved in IT efficiency and storage operational expenses. There are fewer support cases and it becomes faster to resolve complex data center issues as the entire infrastructure can be managed from a single, intelligent platform.    

Sounds all very good and it would be understandable if some CIOs and IT professionals may have their doubts as they have struggled with their complex data centers for a long time. The early adapters will get optimized operability, improved storage capacity and efficient data growth management.

With the right partners and technologies availability won’t be an issue anymore!  

For more information contact us at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 67331878

It’s good to see that artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are truly advancing into data centers as Hewlett Packard Enterprise is leading the way. HPE has introduced new solutions, like HPE InfoSight, for building AI-driven autonomous and highly automated data centers. This is excellent news for all IT professionals having problems in managing complex hybrid IT architectures. IT experts have difficulties to offer businesses better and more secure services faster and cheaper.

How can the AI help your company? HPE’s AI-driven solutions can be utilized by enterprises and organizations demanding better functionality, scalability, usability, cost-efficiency and visibility. HPE InfoSight recognises the need to increase capacity as well as configuration errors. It suggests the transfer of workloads from overloaded servers to other servers and helps to run applications more efficiently. It even offers guidance and best practices. The data center becomes easier to manage.  

We have been HPE’s trusted partner since 1995 and I must say that the figures which could be achieved with HPE InfoSight truly impressed me. IT efficiency can be improved up to 85% and storage operational expenses can be lowered even to 79%. The majority (86%) of service issues can be resolved automatically. These would mean big savings!

Choose your partner and get started

HPE InfoSight provides artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analysis tools to make the IT infrastructure modern and autonomous. Most companies want to optimise the operability in their data center. AI-driven technologies can be utilized with HPE’s servers and storage solutions, the hyperconverged solutions and the single management solution for software defined infrastructure automation.    

Are you planning to replace your storage solution in the near future? How could the AI-driven data center benefit your business? We recommen that you test HPE’s autonomous data center solutions together with our experts and find out how you can improve your storage capacity and better manage data growth. HPE Nimble Storage offers for example measured usability at over 99.9999%.   

Start your journey towards the autonomous data center by taking small steps. If you already have HPE infrastructure in use, it is even easier. Make sure that you get the needed IT services from one contact point including HPE sertified professionals. Don’t forget data center monitoring services, strong IT security expertise, secure connections and data protection!


For more information contact us at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 67331878

On May 24th/25th 2019, in Jurmala, “Semarah Hotel Lielupe” Latvian Networking School’s (LDS) 43rd session has completed successfully, where more than 200 participants and guests have presented and attended presentations, demonstrations about world leading IT solutions or shared their knowledge and expertise in the field of IT. 

The forum is hosted for Latvian largest IT infrastructure (banks, government agencies, education, insurance, industry) representatives. LDS participants are provided with the opportunity to learn about major IT industry news and trends, which may lead to increase in IT and business process efficiency, reduce costs and increase security, share experiences, in just two days.

LDS’s next 43rd session would take place in Jurmala on September 27th/28th, 2019. See you!

We hereby declare that "OptiCom" (40003231409), as of 17.06.2019, achieved a Gold level within Advanced Cooperation Programs with State Revenue Service.

Gold Cooperation Level Criteria for Advanced Cooperation Program:

  • the deadlines for submission of reports and declarations have not been delayed during the previous year and at the time of the evaluation;
  • during the last three reporting years net turnover in each reporting year exceeds 4 000 000 euro;
  • over the last three years, the total amount of tax revenue administered by the State Revenue Service over the year exceeds EUR 700,000;
  • in the previous year and at the time of the assessment, the average monthly earnings of the taxpayer's employees during the first half of the year are higher than the average salary in the country determined by the Central Statistical Bureau according to the most recent data published on its website at the time of valuation;
  • taxpayer has introduced tax risk management.

More about the program: Assistibas-programma-0

Hereby we announce that OptiCom has become Darktrace Partner in Latvia.

Modeled on the human immune system, Darktrace’s technology is the world’s leading, enterprise-grade AI with thousands of customers worldwide.

Protecting corporate networks, cloud and virtualized environments, IoT and industrial control systems, Darktrace autonomously detects and fights back against emerging cyber-threats across the enterprise.

Join us at Latvian Networking School  43rd session to learn more about Darktrace security solutions.

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